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Driving a vehicle throughout Toronto and the GTA on a daily basis is a responsibility. Proper maintenance of our tires is mandatory. Tires must be checked on a regular basis and at times replaced or rotated. It is crucial that vehicle Tires be at all times in top condition.
In Toronto or throughout the GTA it is usually all about the weather. One day it can be sunny, the next day is rainy and the day after that it’s snowing. Knowing your tires are in great condition provides you with the security of knowing you are safe as you ride through Toronto in all weather conditions.

A Checklist for Buying Tires in Toronto and the GTA

When buying tires in Toronto and the GTA you need to know;

  • All four tires on your car should be the same. If this is not possible then at least two of them should be. Either the two front end tires or back end tires
  • The make of the tire and the speed rating should be the same
  • Always take into consideration the weather conditions you will be driving in. Some people have two sets of tires for severe weather conditions. A summer set and a winter set
  • Having snow tires for you vehicle is a wise investment
  • Knowing how much you drive and where you drive is also a consideration. If you drive to and from work everyday any type of tire will do. If you are a highway driver you will need a tire that grips the road more.
  • A tires speed rating is important. The higher the speed rating of a tire the costly the tire becomes. If you have a tire that is a 168mph tire. This is an unnecessary tire speed rating to have because who drives that fast in Toronto or the GTA?

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