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The one thing that is a guarantee when you drive throughout Toronto and the GTA is your car will eventually need car repairs.

CAA offers some friendly tips on getting car repairs done.

Getting the Best Car Repairs for Your Dollar in Toronto and the GTA

"In recent years, automobiles have become high-tech machines with many on-board computers, electronic ignition, numerous engine and transmission sensors, and much more. They are more reliable and fuel-efficient, and they generate less pollution when compared to vehicles of a decade ago, yet when it comes to service and repairs, some things stay the same.

Whatever type of garage you choose - new car dealership, independent garage, franchise facility or service station - good communication and a garage you can trust are vital. The following tips should help you get the best for your repair dollar." (

Get an Estimate for the Car Repairs in Toronto and the GTA

"Always get an estimate (written where possible) for the cost of repairs. Also, find out if there will be a charge for the estimate. If you authorize the repair, make sure the estimate charge is waived. You should also stress that if the final cost of repair is going to exceed the estimated cost by more than 10%, the garage must get your specific authorization." (

Get a Second Opinion for Your Car Repairs in Toronto and the GTA

"If the estimate is substantial, always get a second opinion. Remember that certain repairs require a lot of diagnostic work to arrive at the right conclusion. So, be wary of estimates that simply quote the parts and labour for replacing the entire item.
For example if an engine has a loud knock, chances are it needs replacing. However, if the problem is less obvious, it may be better (and probably cheaper) to repair the specific problem." (

Confirm Your Car Repairs are from a Labour Guide

"Always make sure the garage you deal with uses an industry-accepted labour guide to calculate the amount of labour needed to complete a specific repair. There are many horror stories about garages using their own pre-determined schedule.
Industry-accepted guidelines will help anyone taking a car in for repair, but they are most effectively applied at reputable garages. Now, the hard work begins: Finding a reputable garage." (
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