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At Directory4Cars we are your one stop directory for all your car related needs.

The purpose of this directory is to help direct you for your entire automobile and car needs and in this case specifically salvage yard needs in Toronto and the GTA. This is what Directory4Cars does all day every day; when a car issue arises that needs to go to a salvage yard, we do our very best to make your life a little easier.

When a car is on its last wheel the car owner knows it. Perhaps subconsciously a car owner is already researching their options. None the less some people will drive their car to the end and have a back up plan. While others stop the process as soon as possible by buying another car right away.

Having the internet at our disposal makes life easier as well as searching for a salvage yard in Toronto and the GTA. A Salvage yard employee will conveniently pick up your car and take it to salvage yard heaven.

The Step by Step Process in Finding a Salvage Yard

1.     In order to find a great salvage yard in Toronto and the GTA go to  This directory can help guide you in all your salvage yard needs anywhere in Toronto and the GTA

2.     In the search bar type what your car needs are and in the location bar type the city or town that is most convenient for you to take you car to. For example, Salvage Yard – Toronto and the GTA, many pages come up and are available to you in seconds

3.     Look through the list and make a couple of calls, get a feel of who’s on the other end, choose one and schedule an appointment

Our list of local businesses wants to make this transition as easy as possible for you. Salvage Yard companies in Toronto and the GTA nowadays offer an on-line request form to make things easier for the consumer.

Finding a Good Salvage Yard in Toronto and the GTA contains listings for the most reputable and reliable salvage yards in your area. specializes in placing Ontario listings, particularly Torontoand the GTA. Our listings cover places that contain a wide variety of salvageable car parts. We provide detailed descriptions for each salvage yard company including:

  • Customer references
  • Company specialties
  • Company services
  • Organizations associated with
  • Company slogan
  • Company mission statement
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