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Do you remember when you bought your first car? Of course you do, who doesn’t.  Twenty-five years ago when a person wrote their written drivers test and passed they were given a 365 (a temporary driver’s license). That was around the time young adults would start day dreaming about owning their own car and they would start looking through car magazines for old cars for sale. Young adults would start nagging their parents for a used car until their parents would give in. There were the odd friends whose parents bought them new cars but on average the gift of an old car was the norm.

To this day there’s something about an old car that takes people back to the good old days when all that mattered was having a car to get around. Sure it meant something if the car you were driving was stylish but for some reason it didn’t seem to matter as much as it does today.

At Directory4Cars we offer a wide range of old cars for sale in Toronto and the surrounding GTA. A classic car is another term that is used to describe old cars. Directory4Cars offers manydifferent locations for you to choose from when searching for old cars for sale or classic cars for sale in Toronto.

When looking for old cars for sale below are some questions to ask

  1. How would you describe the condition of this old car for sale? – 3 answers should be satisfactory

Excellent – either it is or it isn’t, if the old car for sale isn’t in excellent condition and this is how the seller is describing the car most likely they aren’t being honest.

Good – for the most part the answer is the same as above. A good old car is always a good value as long as it meets your other criteria’s.

Fair – this says the seller is honest about the value of the old car that is being sold.

  1. How many miles are on the odometer? By asking this question in advance you save yourself the trouble of taking the time to look at the old car if the mileage exceeds what you want.
  2. What type of oil do you use? If they answer the question quickly or take a two second pause this could indicate they maintain regular oil changes.

Why is this old car for sale? Clearly any answer that sounds legitimate probably is but there is a slight possibility the seller will slip up and say the truth that the car is a gas guzzler or divulges the car was recently in a car accident

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