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Cars are a passion for many people and they love spending time, money, and effort on their cars, just to make them look better. One of the ways to improve a car’s look is by replacing factory installed tires and rims with other ones. However, improvement in beauty is not the only reason for replacing the tires and rims. Every region has different circumstances in which the tire has to perform. Hence, as per the region and its seasonal characteristics, there exist specially created tires for that region, which, if used, improve the car’s performance, and hence reduce the danger of accidents. This is especially true for regions that suffer from a harsh winter with heavy snow, such as certain regions in Canada, including Toronto.

Therefore, prevention of accidents is an even bigger reason for a person to replace his or her normal tires with tires Toronto that have been created specifically for the winter season. Even though the replacement process is not that difficult, it still requires focus and common sense from the owner of the vehicle. Following are some basic things to keep in mind while replacing a car’s tires and rims Toronto.

A tire Toronto can be categorized into multiple categories. Tires are made according to the particular requirements of the region. For example, there are specific types of tires for extremely rainy regions, and specific types of tires for mountainous region. In fact, the variation can even be more detailed. For instance, the type of tire and its composition varies on the basis of how cold and snowy the winter is, of any region. Therefore, the harsher the winter, the more specific the tire requirements will become. Following are some differences between normal and winter tires.

  • Composition:

    The composition of tires varies from region to region, and season to season. For instance, as explained earlier, tires used in an extremely rainy region would be totally different from tires used in an extremely dry locale. Similarly, tires that are used for winter places are made of softer compounds, which improve their performance significantly. Notably, winter tires Toronto & GTA are made of softer compounds which provide the tire more grip and traction, preventing them from slipping, which is fairly common in regions where snow and sleet cover the roads.

  • Tread:

    Winter tires are also given different types of treads when compared to normal or all season tires. The treads of winter tires are designed to allow them to dig into the snow which gives them more grip on the snow covered roads. As with the variable composition, this aspect of winter tires also prevents accidents, and loss of control by the driver.

  • Studs:

    In areas of extreme winter, mere softer compounds, and different treads are not enough. In such regions, winter tires also come equipped with studs which further improve the grip of the tire on the snow. These studs can be made of metal, or rubber, and have been known to preventing mishaps from occurring in areas that suffer extreme winter seasons. It is also recommended that the local laws of that particular region should be checked beforehand, as tires with studs are banned in some cities and states.

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