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As with so many other things in life, we sometimes take paying speeding ticket Toronto for granted. We get them in the e-mail uninvited and pay without stopping to think if we even deserve to be fined in the first place. If the traffic policemen were really concerned about our so-called safety, then why were they not stand in a noticeable position where we could have slowed down; the very fact that they were hidden behind some bushes means that they were more interested in collecting state revenue than actually preventing any accident? Judging by the covert manner adopted by these agents of the state in issuing these tickets, their objectives appear more than suspected.

Thankfully, groups like traffic ticket fighters show us how to escape paying huge amounts as tickets by following some simple strategies when caught.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Just because you are pulled over by a cop or sent traffic ticket in the mail does not make you guilty. A speeding ticket Toronto is an accusation of guilt and not any kind of proof that holds up in any court. First of all, beware of any open-ended questions that you might be asked. For example, do not hasten to apologize if the officer ask:, `Are you aware what speed you were driving at? or `Have you been drinking?' Giving excuses or extending apologies is near admission of guilt. Be nonchalant, look innocent, and be prepared to argue until it hurts. While you may have been over the limit, there are many cases when you were just borderline and not really deserved to be fined. In other cases, you may very well be guilty and unwilling to part with your hard-earned money. Either way, why hang if you can live?

Court Battles

Many of us get intimidated at the idea of having to appear in the court in front of strangers. It is brings thoughts of being humiliated; wastage of time; inconvenience as well as risk of increased punishment that make us buckle and pay the fine. What we need to appreciate is that it is not easier to prove our guilt in the court than what it is at the site where we were allegedly caught speeding. It is important to maintain one’s stance regardless of any pressure. Experience shows that the people who are willing to fight it out walk out more often than not without paying a penny. They make it so inconvenient for everybody around them that it is considered a better and cheaper option to   let you go. In fact, statistics show that almost 70% of the time even the concerned officer doesn’t show up at the hearing, rendering the speeding ticket invalid.

In conclusion, traffic ticket fighters help you devise means and ways to get away from paying tickets. The philosophy being that speeding tickets are no longer about citizen safety but about stuffing state coffers. As citizens, we should wake up to the kind of cheating that is happening around us in the name of speeding tickets and try our level best to contest each and every one of them. If we don’t, this malaise will spread wider and deeper and make us bankrupt one day.

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