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A speeding ticket in Toronto often turns out to be a very costly affair, as it may result in increased insurance premiums, and a hefty amount of DUI penalty. But, traffic ticket fighters still have several ways to get rid of these severe consequences, or at least to make things a little less difficult for them. Following is a brief rundown on how to go about it.

Opt For Court Hearing

A DUI ticket contains a section where you are given an option to check a box if you want to opt for a hearing. You are advised to choose that. Once you do that, you will be given a specific date for the court hearing. Mark this date on your calendar and start preparing for the same.

Wear Formal Dress Or Suit    

Traffic ticket fighters are strongly recommended to wear formal dresses or suits when they go for the court hearing. If you attend the court hearing in a T-shirt and ripped jeans, it is likely to leave a very bad impression on the judges. The judges may assume that you are not serious about the charges leveled against you. On the other hand, if you go in a formal suit or dress, it shows that you are taking the court proceedings seriously and have respect for the judicial system.

Be On Time

If you show up late in the court, it shows that you are a very irresponsible and careless person. It will reflect to the judge that the charges against you are true. On the other hand, the judge might be more lenient towards traffic ticket fighters, if they show up in the court early, or at least on time. So, if you want to fight a speeding ticket, you have to be very prompt.

Carry A Pleasant Demeanor

Carrying a pleasant demeanor can make a world of difference in your case. Do not speak ill about others or blame anyone. Do not say that the officer was mean and rude. Such statements do no benefit. Leave your attitude at home. Be very calm and clear while you are asked to narrate your side of the story. Just state everything as it happened; how fast you think you were driving; where were you going; what you were doing; and what happened after the officer stopped you. It is very important for traffic ticket fighters to explain their situation without blaming others, or bad mouthing others. That will leave a very good impression on the judges. They will carefully listen to your side of the story, and may even develop a soft corner for you.

Sometimes you dress well, are prompt, and talk softly, but the judges may still behave rudely and not lessen the charges. In that situation, do not be afraid to plead ‘not guilty’, and request for a trial. That is your legal right. Trials cost a lot of money and the judges may not be willing to spend thousands of dollars for a hundred dollar speeding ticket. That is the reason why when traffic ticket fighters request a trial as the last option, judges often try to negotiate with them in order to avoid the expensive trials.

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