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There is nothing more frustrating than your car breaking down in the middle of the road. The frustration would be even greater if this happens on the highway and you are left high and dry in the middle of nowhere. Luckily, some help agencies have been in operation for quite some time in the form of motor vehicle clubs. There was a time when these were the only options for a driver stuck in such a situation. However, nowadays there is a plethora of businesses that offer towing and roadside assistance in Toronto to alleviate the sufferings of people caught in such a mess. These businesses include carmakers, insurance agencies, credit card providing companies, oil companies and other service providers.

Facilities Provided
Among all the service providers that offer roadside assistance in Toronto, it is necessary to choose the agency that would provide maximum benefits and conveniences. Most of them provide basic facilities such as towing, flat-tire changing, helping vehicles which get stuck, or delivering fuel, for an annual charge. Some auto insurance policies offer reimbursement for towing expenses but the full service auto clubs provide greater facilities such as travel and hotel discounts, maps and directions, help in finding hotels, and even alternative transportation facilities when the vehicle breaks down on the road. After putting you at ease and on your way to your destination, tow trucks in Toronto deliver your vehicle to the garage for necessary repairs. Roadside assistance in Toronto is indeed a boon to motorists especially in inclement weather when you do not want to get stuck in the open. Some high-end technical service providers attach gadgets to your car so that in case of a collision or a breakdown, the car would literally require help and provide the specific location.
Some providers of roadside assistance in Toronto and car manufacturers also offer plans that provide their clients with a replacement car during the period that their vehicles are stuck in the garage for repairs. Moreover, some car manufacturers offer roadside towing in Toronto for the length of their warranty and others provide such assistance for the entire life of the vehicle. Different manufacturers have different schemes for towing the vehicles in case of an accident or breakdown. Although most service providers including the giant AAA try to reach their clients in a few minutes after being called for help, there are many instances when they have taken hours to respond.
Frill Benefits
Many agencies offering roadside assistance in Toronto provide additional frill benefits to its clients for a slight increase in the annual fee. These include providing roadside assistance when the client is on a bicycle or for covering all the client’s vehicles including RVs and motorcycles. Moreover, some plans provide partial payment against legal defense expenses if the client gets a speeding ticket or for any hospital emergency. In case the service provider is unable to provide help in a reasonable amount of time, it reimburses the client to make up for the expenses incurred by him.
To get the best roadside assistance in Toronto service, it is necessary to check all the terms and conditions of the various service providers and sign up with the company that provides maximum benefits at minimum cost.    
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