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For rust proofing in Toronto you could either visit a garage to get it done professionally or you could buy the equipment and do it yourself. And considering that it is a good idea to get the rust proofing done for your car every year, the equipment that you buy will end up being used repeatedly and hence is a good investment. Read on to find out more about these two options and the pros and cons of going with each.

 Professional Rust Proofing in Toronto
Rust is caused due to a number of reasons such as humidity, road salt, extreme temperatures, and acidic climate conditions and if you do not keep your car clean and well oiled. Since all these factors are not quite within human control except keeping the car clean, getting rust proofing done is an absolute necessity. Most garages offer very reasonable rates for rust proofing your car or even if you want to get collision repairs in Toronto & GTA done. From oversized recreational vehicles to large fleets of cars, most facilities are equipped to handle both these quite well.
The benefits of getting rust proofing in Toronto done by a professional facility are that they are experts that will do the job in no time at all. You can also be sure that they are using the right products and that they know exactly the kind of treatment that your car needs. However, what you do need to consider is that this is not a onetime service. You will need to get your car coated every year. And while some facilities offer you the option of getting rust proofing in Toronto free for life if you use their facilities regularly, it will still require you to be spending a large amount of money to begin with.
DIY Rust Proofing
While things like dent repairs in Toronto and GTA might not be feasible to try at home. If you are doing it for the first time, rust proofing is something that you can easily attempt if you have the right equipment and ingredients. You would need a few buckets to do the mixing and some paint brushes for the application. The anti-rust application can either be purchased directly from a hardware store or you could make your own by combining lanolin and paint thinner in the combination 1/5. By mixing these two and applying them carefully to all the parts that are prone to rusting, you will be able to ensure that your car remains well protected for the next year or so. It is advised to take a cursory check every six months to see that there are no signs of rust yet. And if you find any, you can scrape it off and give your vehicle another coat.
The advantages of rust proofing in Toronto at home is that it doesn’t cost you too much and you can do it in the comfort of your own garage or front lawn. But remember to check all the different parts you need to coat as well as the number of applications to make because these might vary depending on your car model and the specific weather you are preparing for.
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