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If you learn some basics of maintaining your car, you can save substantially on your car maintenance bills. One of the basic tasks associated with car maintenance is changing engine oil timely. Engine is the heart of a car. Therefore, it should be kept well conditioned. Changing engine oil periodically, as recommended by the manufacturer of the car ensures that your car remains in good condition. It also increases the life of your vehicle. Engine oil gets deteriorated with time. This happens because it reacts with air, water, and other contaminants. This makes the engine oil less efficient and it loses its lubrication property. This could lead to the rusting of the engine. Therefore, it is important to change oil. An oil changes in Toronto mechanic can charge you a lot for this simple task.

If you are a DIY type and do mind getting your hands dirty, you can do this job on your own; otherwise you can look for oil changes in Toronto mechanic.
Here Are Some Tips For Changing The Oil.
1.     Before you start oil changes in Toronto process, you should be ready with the required tools and material. Some of the supplies required are oil filter wrench, funnel, oil container, car jack, socket wrench, filter, old newspaper, and engine oil.
2.     You should drive your car before changing its engine oil. This raises the temperature of the oil, thus making it easy to drain.
3.     Then, park your car on a flat surface in your driveway. You should raise your car with the help of a jack. Open the engine oil filler cap. This helps the oil to drain properly as there will be no vacuum. Spread the newspaper below the car so that the oil does not spill on the floor. Locate the drain plug. Use the wrench to loosen the plug to allow the old oil to trickle through it. Keep the oil container below the drainpipe to collect the old oil. You have to be very quick as the oil will come out rapidly. Moreover, it will be hot. Once the oil is collected, allow it to cool for sometime, and then put the lid on the container, and keep it at a safe location, till you drop it at a proper disposing site.
4.     Replace the drain plug.
5.     The next step is to change the oil filter. For this, you should use a wrench to loosen it. One should be very careful, as there could be leakage of oil from the filter.
6.     Take out the new filter from its box. Oil the gasket of the filter with the new oil. Fill the filter with some oil and then tighten the new filter with the wrench properly.
7.     Now, your car’s engine is ready for filling up of the new oil. Open and then pour oil in the oil filler located at the top of the engine with the aid of a funnel. Use a dipstick to check the level of oil. Replace the oil filler cap.
8.     Turn on your car engine for a few minutes. Then, check the level of oil again. If it is less, you should add some more oil.
If you do not have time to handle this task on your own, do not worry. Just contact a reputed mechanic for oil changes in Toronto.


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