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You might need towing services at any time. Accidents, car breakdowns, running out of gas – any of these situations might require roadside assistance in Toronto. Most good towing in Toronto services offer more than towing service; they also transport gas to vehicles stranded midway to their destination because of empty fuel tanks. If your car has had a minor malfunction, the roadside assistance team will repair it. This includes changing flat tires. Sometimes, old cars refuse to start and need a slight push for the engine to start. You can call  road assistance to provide that initial thrust.   

What about those instances when you lock yourself out of the car?  Without the help of these services, you would have to smash the windows to get into your car, or walk to your destination, or spend the night in a nearby place until you can get help.  Stranded passengers and drivers would have a much more difficult time if these services were not so prompt with their aid.
That is not all. Many tow trucks are hired by third parties to move vehicles or clear the road after an accident. Racing cars that are involved in collisions, for example, are removed by trucks hired by the race organizers. Foreclosed cars or seized cars are carried away on these trailers. The police might use their services to remove cars parked illegally. Roadside assistance in Toronto plays a valuable role in keeping the roads safe, clean, and helps the traffic movement.
Towing Companies Use Three Types Of Tow Trucks:
  1. Hook and chain is the simplest kind of towing mechanism. The truck has a chain with a hook at the end, which is attached to a part of the car. Then the car is towed away.
  2. The second type of tow truck uses lifts the car’s front or back portion as the rest remains in contact with the ground while being towed.
  3. The third type of truck does not pull the car behind it, but rather carries the vehicle to the repair garage. This truck is large enough to store a vehicle. Most expensive cars or vehicles with negligible damage are carried on this type of truck.
Towing Services Requirements
The law requires towing companies to adhere to certain norms and rules. First, they have to use specific equipment for towing. These include winches, harnesses, and booms. Second, the tow trucks are classified by weight capacity, and a low capacity truck cannot carry heavier vehicles. The towing trucks carry unique license plates to differentiate them from other vehicles.
The law also requires towing companies to insure all trucks, covering accidents, fatalities, and injury. The companies need to obtain license before they can begin operations. All roadside assistance in Toronto trucks are not operated by private companies; some are also leased to highway maintenance authorities.
Most towing companies also need to provide proof that they have adequate space for storing the trucks and any other towed vehicle that might need temporary storage. These documents have to be furnished at the time of requesting a license.
Without towing in Toronto, traffic conditions in this big city would be bad indeed. Roadside assistance in Toronto helps prevent traffic snarls and pileups, aids stranded motorists, and transports vehicles safely.
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