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Your car’s windshield is one of the most important components of your vehicle. It protects you from the elements. Also, some important safety equipment is built, assuming that you have an unbroken windshield. A good example of this is the safety airbag. An airbag will be of no good if you have a broken windshield because the airbag would expand right out through it! But that does not mean that the windshield will never break or crack. That does happen. And it happens very often. Nothing could be more unflattering than to drive around in a great car with a broken or cracked windshield or one that has the tints peeling off! What are the best options in such a case - is it best to opt for glass repair? Or is it a better option to replace it? Oh, and what do you do about the tint?  

Glass repair is something that we are generally not too sure about. The last thing you want on your windshield is a nasty crack running across it or worse, a broken one. It would not only make your car look ugly but it would obstruct your vision too, which might put you in more danger. If you talk to any of the experts in this field, they would probably tell you that if you have a crack or a hole that’s larger than a US 25-cent coin, it is better to have the glass replaced. That might be easier said than done, especially because of the cost involved. But it would be best to first talk to your insurance company to find out if your car’s windshield is also covered in your policy. Generally, if you have a comprehensive policy, it would be covered, but not so if you have a third-party only or a liability insurance policy (because it covers only your liabilities and not the damage to your own car, as a result of any accident.)
Glass repair is pretty common these days. If you were to consult a Toronto windshield repair technician, he would probably tell you that cracks can indeed be repaired and stopped if it is not more that three inches long. A good way to repair windshield cracks is to fill it with a resin. Having done that, watch it for sometime and make sure it does not expand. But, if you just do not wish to take any chances and would want to stop the crack from growing any further, you can have that done too. For this you would have to take it to a professional who would probably drill a small hole in front of that crack and then seal it. The small hole would just mean that, as far as the crack is concerned, it cannot go any further.
While we can discuss a lot of glass repair, replacement or tint replacement, it would be best to consult a professional and your insurance company as well. If the crack or damage to the glass is right in front of the driver, it should be replaced immediately. Similarly, a tint is a good thing to have because it cools the car and keeps the sunlight out. But when you see it is starting to peel off, it is best to have it replaced.
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