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One of the hazards of driving, especially on the highways, is the possibility of little pieces of debris and rocks hitting your windshield, creating nasty cracks in it. These objects fly around on the road due to various reasons such as bad weather, careless truckers or other drivers. The cracked windshield can prove to be a driving nightmare besides being illegal and an expense that has come out of the blue. The crack obstructs the driver’s view and can expand further and weaken the glass. If glass repair, or replace, is not done as soon as possible there can be dangerous consequences.

Types of Windshield Cracks
Various types of cracks can develop due to pieces of debris and rock hitting your windshield. Each type of crack leaves a different type of imprint on it. Whatever might be the type of crack, it is imperative that windshield repair is done immediately. The most common types of cracks are:
1.     Bull’s Eye Crack: The windshield is cracked with the initial impact of the debris and there is a formation of a circle around it.
2.     Star Crack: There is a formation of the shape of an asterisk around the initial area of impact.
3.     Long Crack: This type of crack is a long one running along the windshield and is a combination of the above types of cracks.  
Dangers Of Delaying Glass Repair, Replace, Tint
Besides obstructing the driver’s view, windshield cracks pose huge risks as they can increase and weaken the glass. If not repaired immediately, the glass might break suddenly causing injuries to the driver and passengers. Moreover, since the glass holds up the roof of the car, a weakened auto glass might not be able to bear the pressure and shock if the car flips over, in case of an accident. This would also hinder the functioning of the airbag leading to dangerous consequences. A small chip of stone can give you a frustrating experience and also involve a considerable amount of cost if the glass has to be replaced.
Repair Vs Replacement
Making a decision regarding glass repair or replacement is very important. It is awfully expensive to replace an auto glass and as such all efforts should be made to save the glass by repairing it. Even if you decide to get it repaired, you have the choice of taking your car to an auto glass repair workshop and getting the repair work done or you can buy a repair kit and repair it yourself. The last option is, naturally, the cheapest one. If you decide to undertake the repair on your own, you can either buy a windshield chip repair kit that has enough material for multiple chips or you can go in for a disposable kit for one-time use that can be thrown away after your job is done.
If you decide to undertake windshield repair yourself, it should be done before the chip gets filled with grit. If immediate glass repair is done, you might be able to save the glass and also avoid a lot of expenses. As they say, ‘a stitch in time saves nine.’
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