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Car Repairs in Toronto and the GTA by SUNNYSMALL@HOTMAIL.COM

At Directory4Cars we offer a very large selection of shops that provide Car Repairs in Toronto and the GTA. At Directory4Cars we make this process as simple as possible for you. Instead of looking on-line through your search engine of choice all that is required is for you to visit Our site has taken your search time and reduced it by more than half for your car repair related needs. We also allow you to make a more narrow search depending on your location of choice.

Car Wash And Detailing Part 2 by sherylb

If you are the proud owner of a car, you would know this by now - there is just no escape from car wash and detailing. You can either do it yourself or leave it to be done by someone else, and pay them for it. But the fact is that, it has to be done and it has to be done regularly! What is car detailing? Let’s try to put a “formal” definition to it - well, it is the process of having your car cleaned and polished thoroughly so that it looks as good as new (or at least, close to it.)! To put it in simple terms, it just means doing all those things, other than painting, bodywork and mechanical repair, which will make your old car look good! 

Car Wash And Detailing Part1 by sherylb

Car wash and detailing is something that you cannot overlook. It doesn’t really matter whether you have a brand new car or an old one - a well maintained car is what everybody wants. Car detailing means that your car would not just run well but would also look great.  In other words, it will enhance the appearance and performance of your car. Many people actually enjoy the ‘ritual’ of washing their own cars. They however end up unknowingly damaging their car because they were not following “best practices”! That is precisely what we are going to take a look at, in this discussion.