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Glass Repair, Replace, Tint by sherylb

Your car’s windshield is one of the most important components of your vehicle. It protects you from the elements. Also, some important safety equipment is built, assuming that you have an unbroken windshield. A good example of this is the safety airbag. An airbag will be of no good if you have a broken windshield because the airbag would expand right out through it! But that does not mean that the windshield will never break or crack. That does happen. And it happens very often. Nothing could be more unflattering than to drive around in a great car with a broken or cracked windshield or one that has the tints peeling off! What are the best options in such a case - is it best to opt for glass repair? Or is it a better option to replace it? Oh, and what do you do about the tint?  

Types of Windshield Cracks & Repairs by sherylb

One of the hazards of driving, especially on the highways, is the possibility of little pieces of debris and rocks hitting your windshield, creating nasty cracks in it. These objects fly around on the road due to various reasons such as bad weather, careless truckers or other drivers. The cracked windshield can prove to be a driving nightmare besides being illegal and an expense that has come out of the blue. The crack obstructs the driver’s view and can expand further and weaken the glass. If glass repair, or replace, is not done as soon as possible there can be dangerous consequences.

The Secret of A Windshield’s Strength & Safety by sherylb

The windshield of your car has come a long way since the first cars were made. In the beginning it was merely an ordinary window glass that was meant to protect the passengers from wind, rain and debris. Today, it is an integral part of the safety features of a car. Moreover, it is made in such a way that even if it gets a crack due to flying debris or rock, it will not shatter and harm the passengers. The process of glass repair, replacement, and tint has also become easier with advanced technology.